“Great legacies do not occur by chance - they're well planned.”

- Donald Fletcher

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Legacy Analytics: How We Help You Succeed

Legacy Analytics helps analyze and organize businesses through three operating groups: the Business Development Group, the Analysis Group and the Solutions Group. Each is built on a value-added model and interface.

Business Development Group

Everything begins right here. Legacy Analytics is honored to offer the most qualified and productive professionals in today's consulting market.

Many have owned their own businesses, so they understand your thoughts and concerns. They are also always on the alert for owners who want to learn, grow and improve. These owners will admit having unsuccessfully tried other solutions. They are ready for the truth.

Our Business Development specialists drive many miles and work very hard to find these open- minded people. That is how much we value them, and that is why they value us.

The message we carry to small-business owners is that there is a company that can help them greatly increase sales; reduce excessive work hours and create more time off; increase employee morale and production; make more money and escape cash-flow problems; and once again feel good about what they do.

In short, we help these owners restore the business to the condition they desire.

When a Legacy Business Development specialist interacts with an owner, each word is dedicated to improvement. The Legacy specialist’s greatest satisfaction arrives when a business overcomes any barriers to a more promising future.

Our representatives feel this way because they know their success depends on your success.

Listen to them. They make a lot of sense.

Analysis Group

The Analysis Group performs a profound Diagnostic Analysis of a business to give ownership a clear, vivid and unbiased opinion of where the business stands. The process does not fixate on what's wrong or broken, nor does it chide ownership and management for any shortcomings.

Rather, it isolates the business components and measures how each piece functions to serve the business vision. Where broad, unsupportable advice is common in the consulting market, we base all recommendations on facts, figures and direct observations. Every improvement point is supported by objective data.

Our analysis of your company will focus on areas including, but not limited to, sales and marketing; administration; production elements; customer satisfaction; employee training, ability, accountability, efficiency, morale and turnover (wouldn't you like to know what employees are really thinking?); ownership’s exit-strategy planning (or lack thereof); ownership hours worked and compensation merited vs. paid; and new product or service development.

We look at it all, take it apart, put it through our unique diagnostic process, and present the results in plain English to ownership. Everyone involved easily understands how and why we reached our conclusions.

Another distinguishing quality of Legacy is that we will examine other consulting companies’ past work to determine if an old or dormant project still holds value for you. We evaluate, reconstruct and re-implement the work, extending a credit for usable content that we find in good condition. We do it all the time.

We're able to do this effectively because we have performed thousands of these analyses. And, unlike many other larger, older or more stoic business-consulting firms, we have modified the model and perfected the process.

We ask rather than demand. We explain instead of denigrate. We don't insist, but compel with flawless, well-reviewed logic. We also flush out flawed behavioral patterns, misdirected time and energy, and dysfunctional or nonexistent strategies.

Or, perhaps, we’ll recognize market potential that you could tap into simply by being better equipped (sales and marketing is but one of our specializations).

We want your business to render what you wish. We think you deserve it.

The Solutions Group

Ultimately, this is what we are. We are not a marketing company that happens to sell consulting (which is common in our industry). Nor are we a document house that is tall on theory and manuscripts but short on the teaching, training and installation of corrective solutions.

Passionate about providing customized, value-added services, we develop and install change-management systems that improve profits and operations and positively reshape clients’ lives.

Each Solutions consultant is also required to deliver a guaranteed return on your investment. As a partner in your progress, we monitor results for six months without additional fees.

All of our Solutions personnel have been carefully selected from the profession’s premier talent. Each is a mature professional with at least 10 years of experience as a business owner and/or "Tier One Executive." All have also spent significant time consulting small businesses.

We chose them as Team Members for their stellar records in guiding business owners and providing value-added results. Each had to prove his or her merit before our rigid review committee as well. We accept only the best of the best.

Legacy consultants must also have a college degree and preferably a master’s degree. They are required to be a CMC (Certified Management Consultant) or else enrolled to become one. The principles and quality-control mechanisms they must adhere to at the firm might also be more strict than the CMC qualification standards.

However, to someone who doesn't know us, these pronouncements are only words. Anyone can say anything these days. But when it’s time to measure what you receive, you have guaranteed results. We call upon clients to judge the value of our work weekly as well. Few consulting firms would be so ambitious and committed to excellence.

We deliver what we say we will. We can talk this way because we're not afraid of a business’s problems. We welcome them – they are why we exist, and there are few we have not seen and solved many, many times.