“Great legacies do not occur by chance - they're well planned.”

- Donald Fletcher

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What We Do

Legacy Analytics project installations are as varied and distinctive as the clients we serve. At the same time, all projects share distinguishing characteristics common to the solutions we provide. Each Legacy project is:

Geared to the Size of your Business

Our estimates of work to be accomplished, and consequent Scopes of Work, are “Right-Sized” to match the revenues and resources of your business (small, medium, large or XL). We have as much experience working in mom and pop shops as we do in public and governmental environments (we’ve had successful interventions in the commonwealth of Virginia, UPS, Hewlett Packard and many, many other large firms).

However, much more important than our ability to reintroduce the passion and resourceful mentality of small business entrepreneurship back into larger businesses, is our innate competency in condensing, simplifying and installing big business techniques (Six Sigma, TQM, Lean Thinking, Parallel Logic, ISO Certifications, Just In Time, and Supply Chain Management Analysis and Techniques) into small to medium sized businesses. We work in both arenas without a blink or a hesitation so we can share the best of all worlds with all of our clients, regardless of size.

Promise: each organization is unique and requires our complete attention to make certain, beyond a doubt, that our cures match the size and scope not only the problems we are charged with eradicating, but the resources of the host business as well. WE WILL CLOSE OUR INTERVENTION WHEN THE WORK IS FINISHED REGARDLESS OF WHAT OUR ESTIMATE CALLS FOR!


Legacy’s proprietary process melds diverse talents and specializations into workable, custom-fit solutions that cannot be acquired anywhere else.

Promise: Your interaction with us during a project will be focused, dedicated and tailored to your situation. Legacy employees know that cutting corners in service to you is subject to the highest disciplinary action up to and including termination. Legacy management also carefully screens employees during hiring and training to ensure non-performers are weeded out.

Designed to Deliver

During the business-analysis process, Legacy Analytics goes to great lengths to guarantee that we can perform what is promised and deliver the results.

Promise: If we cannot do it, we will not offer it. We would rather walk away from a problem project that will turn into a complaint than accept it and bear the lengthy, unprofitable process of repairing it. We are too efficient and experienced to permit such complications.

Built to Last

Our relationships with clients do not end when a project is finished. Many Legacy clients express that this is when the most valuable phase begins. We have full-time staff dedicated solely to our “Post-Solutions Group” clients.

These personnel mainly ensure that what we recommend and install is working correctly. They also serve an equally important secondary purpose: to make certain that clients are doing what they must to maintain the vibrant power of the changes we’ve installed.

The following are some of the most common business-reformation solutions that clients seek from Legacy Analytics. This carefully assembled list reflects areas in which Legacy offers particularly high levels of expertise and experience.