“Great legacies do not occur by chance - they're well planned.”

- Donald Fletcher

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Conflict Resolution

Although the solutions we develop to remove business dysfunctions seem natural, intuitive and easy to execute, sometimes bad relationships or internal politics can sabotage the long-term results that we promise. These factors can unravel even the most secure and well-designed business reformation plan.

That is why we build in “buy in” from the participating components of our reformation efforts. It is amazing how smoothly “buy in” occurs when dysfunctional emotional management behaviors are replaced with merit- based, performance-oriented organizational systems.

This is one of the most valuable and perhaps overlooked benefits that Legacy brings to each of its installations. Our ability to bring opposing parties – be they partners, family members, management or employees – to a mutually satisfying resolution that does not impair the business is second to none in our profession.

For example, Legacy CEO Daniel Hostetler has the experience of bringing five unions together for the well-being of the host business. This included negotiating a manner of operation in which all parties could prosper under the same roof.

Likewise, Donald J. Fletcher has decades of experience in successful conflict resolution, including his many productive years as president of the George S. May International Company. While there, he insisted on personal involvement in any client complaint so he could ensure that value and expected results were delivered as promised.

As a project, conflict resolution begins at the analytical level with a Legacy executive analyst.

He or she will provide our trademarked “AQ” (Awareness Quotient) questionnaire and interpretive process, one of the most advanced employee-assessment tools on the market. We developed it with Ph.D.-level organizational behaviorist assistance. The accuracy of its employee morale, self-imaging, loyalty, longevity, honesty and self-assessed skill-set indications is among the most trusted in the consulting profession, and it belongs to us alone.

(This AQ comes at a slightly higher charge and must be requested before the analysis so that a trained Executive Analyst can be deployed.)

Whether or not the AQ is utilized, the conflict-resolution aspects of each Legacy encounter contribute to your success even when our experts are not on your premises.

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