“Great legacies do not occur by chance - they're well planned.”

- Donald Fletcher

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Faith Based Management

Most business owners claim a faith that they try their best to adhere to in their lives. Unfortunately, the exaggerated pressures and complications of owning a business frequently force compromises with, or departures from, this faith which can cause warranted consternation, guilt and inconsistency in their management style and continuity. The business, its’ employees, its’ customers and its’ ownership all suffer when faith collides with the bestial realities of today’s heartless and spiritless business environment.

Legacy Analytics has had great success in overcoming these dichotomous forces by realigning the business’s systems, methods and controls to synchronize with the faith and beliefs of ownership. In this way, the behaviors of the business can be broadcast through the behaviors of the employees and the overall business as an entity, instead of merely coming from just the owner’s office. Everyone is on the same ship, all the ship’s oars dip into the water at the same time, and the business is propelled forward under the power of a greater, uniting set of principles, instead of battling each oarsman who’s fighting for a random bite of water.

Without the risk of illegality, Legacy will spiritualize all systems, methods and controls from the recruiting, hiring and training processes all the way through the development, deployment and permeation of the company’s mission statement, value declarations, tithing accruals, job descriptions, accountability systems and all associated organizational dynamics.

Never before has such an unprecedented offering been unveiled to the business community as this! Legacy guides can accommodate most faiths but inquiry should be made in all cases. Analysts and consultants who develop and implement these projects are allowed the freedom to practice their own faith without consequences for doing so and would expect any client to allow them the same inalienable right.

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