“Great legacies do not occur by chance - they're well planned.”

- Donald Fletcher

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Health Care

From EMR’s to hospitals to private practices, Legacy Analytics is experienced in analyzing and prescribing the proper therapy and cure for the organizational ailments that are uncovered in the process of our proprietary, diagnostic Health Care Analysis.

With deployment of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) coupled with upcoming explosion of ICD10 requirements (as mandated the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)) soon to become a reality, when 19,000 diagnostic codes become 150,000, preparation for this onslaught is not only necessary but required for any healthcare entity that wants to remain in business for the near term.

But these changes are only the tip of the iceberg. The entire system of healthcare in the United States is moving from a traditional fee-for-service system to something that our legislative process has yet to define (the legislation alone is over 2,000 pages). Every healthcare organization, from the largest hospital to the smallest provider, needs help in:

  1. Discerning where they are going and,
  2. How they’re going to legally get there.

Legacy Analytics is well endowed with educated, experienced and intuitive skills sets that can assist healthcare organizations realize their fullest potential, be they for-profit, non-profit or institutional.

Waste of time and supplies, poor reception etiquette, general confusion, a suffering patient load, sagging morale, unnecessary turnover, mounting third-party reimbursement rejections due to errors and miscodings, malpractice events and prevention tactics, lack of capital, unnecessary and inappropriate pressures, dehumanization of the patient load and the staff, and an increasing detachment from the Hippocratic Oath are all symptoms of deeper underlying problems. Legacy knows how to uncover even the most concealed, obscure and resistant of these issues and prescribe remedies that are simply not available from other consultancies.

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